Videopride is a sample of LGTBI and feminist video art of reference in Madrid. Our open call is aimed at both consolidated and emerging artists who wish to participate with their creations in an activist environment.

This year, 2019, the exhibition reaches its sixth edition, with the aim of serving as a platform for the dissemination of audiovisual creations that work and develop LGTBI, queer and gender speeches.

We defend the need to transform and vindicate spaces of representation in the cultural field, introducing new reflections through the radical and subversive language that has historically linked to dissident identities and video art.

Videopride curation Team.

Arcópoli, which organizes the Videopride, is an association of the community of Madrid that works for the social and legal equality of Lesbians, gays, Trans and bisexual (LGBT) and the eradication of any form of LGTBfobia in all the territory of the community of Madrid.

Among our objectives is to promote the visibility of affective-sexual and gender diversity and commitment to the vindication of policies and speeches in favor of the LGBT collective in the context of culture, organizing events and campaigns for different Public and different themes.

To learn more about our activities, you can take a look at our website ( and social networks (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) or come in person to one of our meetings, which we celebrate every Wednesday at our local Calle Montea, 24 , 2 º O.