Terms and conditions 2018

Participation requirements

Persons over 18 years of age, individually or collectively, of any nationality, may attend the call, with original works.

The work presented will address, from the desired perspective, LGBT themes of all kinds. The only restriction that is established is the respect for the rights of the LGBT people so that proposals that contravene these rights or put them in question will not be accepted.

Presentation and Submission

The deadline for the presentation of works begins on March 26 and ends on June 15, 2018.

The videos will be presented in AVI, MOV, WMV, FLV, MPEG2 or MPEG4 format, with an acceptable quality to be exhibited and for a maximum duration of 8 minutes. If the audio of the work is not in Castilian, subtitles must be included in this language or in English.

A maximum of two works can be sent by artist or group of artists.

The submission of the work will be made through the form of the website www.videopride.arcopoli.org.
We will need a link from Vimeo/YouTube or another platform where the work is hosted. (Remember to send the password if you are private)
If you do not have a link, you can send the video directly via the online form, or through the email address videopride@arcopoli.org.

We will contact you by email to confirm the receipt of the material.

Accompanying the video must include a technical sheet of the works (title, artist, year of realization, video format, duration, etc.).
Two images (stills) of each work must be attached, with the same title as the book, in TIFF, PNG, JPEG or 300 dpi format. You can also attach a dossier with an explanatory text of the work presented of an extension no more than 2 pages and, if desired, a brief presentation of the artist or collective.

Shipping may also be made by post, until June 15, 2018. Only those applications whose shipment is not later than 15 June will be accepted – the date of the postmark shall be taken as reference. The postal address is as follows:

Arcópoli. LGBT Association of the community of Madrid
Calle Montea N 24, Piso 2 º Puerta O, 28013, Madrid

Jury and valuation criteria

The jury will be composed of the curatorial team of the exhibition, responsible for the organization of the call and the voice of culture of Arcópoli and will be valued fundamentally the adequacy of the subject, the originality and audacity of the proposal, as well as the Unavoidable compliance with technical requirements.

The decision will take place from the 25th of June, being communicated by electronic mail to the participants and publicly on the web and in the different social networks of Arcópoli, offering also the definitive details of the event in which will be exhibited the Works.


Arcópoli reserves the right to modify the contents of the call if it were your wish, and to cancel or suspend it if necessary, communicating in such case to the participants by email and publishing it on its website.

The authors of the works undertake to assign the rights of exhibition of the same during the duration of the event, as well as the assignment of the same and their images for the purposes of dissemination, promotion and archive of the event, and for its possible use for purposes Divulgati You.

The submission of proposals under Creative Commons license is permitted. Intellectual property is its creators. The artists assume responsibility for the originality of the works, of music, images or texts that appear in the works, as well as the fact that they are not subject to any kind of right in favor of third persons, assuming the consequences that can Deriving and being therefore exempt from any responsibility the organization of the event. The works presented may have participated in other competitions, exhibitions or festivals.

The organisers undertake not to use the material received for commercial or lucrative purposes, as well as to give the greatest possible diffusion to the selected works and to the appropriate exhibition of the same.

The participants give up the rights to the proposals in relation to the possible use by the organization of videos and contents in compilations, DVDs and catalogues of the Festival.

In addition, participants will authorize the Organization to publish and circulate perpetual and irrevocable videos and photographs where they appear and their creations.


In order to protect the privacy, the personal data that are collected in accordance with the bases of the call will be used only for the treatment of the works and localization of the authors, not cediéndose or communicating them to third parties, except if They appear in the video by the Express will of their author. Only the organisers and organisers of the event will have access to the author's personal data.

Likewise, once the contest is over, the personal data will become part of a historical one, not being used for any other purpose, nor for the referral of electronic communications, and the authors can request the deletion of their data. Personal in the email address buzon@arcopoli.org

Final considerations

Participation in this call implies the knowledge and acceptance of these bases, as well as the acceptance of the jury's decision, which will be unappealable. Any doubt in the interpretation or any other assumption not contemplated in these bases will be resolved by the organising entity.

The information regarding possible changes in this call will be available on the Web: videopride.arcopoli.org


In case of doubt regarding the basis of the call, and for any other clarification, consultation or suggestion, you can write to videopride@arcopoli.org

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