The Videopride 2016 edition featured a selection of 8 LGBT shorts that were projected on 30
June, during the celebration of the Pride Week, in the space Labruc.


Author: Santiago Echeverry

Experimental Video created with the Kinect sensor and the processing program that explores the perception of homosexuality from the fascist imaginary through the use of the so-called "Porntilismo".


Author: Wrik Mead

A reflection on identity and vital choices. ("I had not stopped to think about it until I was aware that something was wrong").

Boy Wrik Mead


Author: Adrián Martínez

Metaphor about the oppression suffered by the LGBT collective by society within its patriarchal schemes.


Author: Gokhan Bu

The term "fugue", from Latin, is related both to flee and to persecute, but is also used in psychiatry to refer to the states of a rare psychiatric disorder. "Fugue" tells the story of a sudden and unforeseen journey to which the transforming nature of fashion is juxtaposed.

LAISSE tomber LES Filles (LEAVE THE girls ALONE)

Author: Clara Aparicio Yoldi

Making loops with fragments of the "dance scenes" of the films Vivre sa vie and Buffalo ' 66, the artist pays homage to Godard, Gallo and of course to Eisenstein and his theory of the intellectual montage.


Author: Ausín Sáinz

A deserted island in a globalized world. In this work the artist raises the frustration of same-sex couples to the inability to generate life.


Author: Juan Beiro

Life is talking nonsense with the people you love.


Author: Kunst uns Scheisse Kollektive

Phallic and vaginal elements as a ridicule of the oversexualization and gender duality imposed from the Heteropatriarcado.