The Videopride 2015 edition featured a selection of 12 LGBT shorts that were projected on 2
July, during the celebration of the Pride Week, in the space Labruc.


Author: Ángel Civico

"Anesthesia" is a short film about the use of sex as an anesthetic element of pain and low self-esteem, contrary to its nature of pleasure.


Author: Efrén Hernández

Short film set in Chueca that tells the meeting between two women and shows diversity through a positive view of the difficulties. brings us closer to other less visible realities within the LGBT collective

Contact-Corto lgbtes de Efrén Hernández


Author: Alejandro Monreal

Two friends come home from a costume party. Under the masks and makeup, there is a feeling: the fear of letting themselves be seen as they are.

 Kansas-LGBT short Alejandro Monreal


Author: Jaime Maestro

A war between two great powers is sweeping a planet. Both sides maintain their respective communication satellites orbiting the limits of the atmosphere.

Almost immutable

Author: Daniel Guevara

Visual narrative about the intimate encounter of two men who evoke, in parallel, the history of the Warren Cup, a decorative object of ancient Rome whose becoming testifies to the convergence of different ideological stances to homosexuality along the Time.

The tightrope

Author: Fran Oralo

The heel shoe is a fetish object that represents femininity. The idea of equilibrium refers to the balance between the male and female part that is in us and sometimes leads us to questioning sexual identity.


Author: Hernán Apablaza

The social matrix defines us according to pre-established moulds that have not been consulted. They even impose higher molds and patterns that limit more. But these limits are not always able to contain our true nature.

Transtemplar-Short gays by Hernán Apablaza


Author: Borja Sánchez Benítez

A diary is passed from hand to hand through the lives of several people aged between 8 and 21 years. Narrating events and thoughts from social rejection, to heartbreak, going through bulling and teaching us that everything can be achieved with effort.

Light-short LGBT from Borja Sánchez Benítez


Author: Alicia Fernández

The intentionality of this work is the exploration and reflection on the relationships existing between different animals (including the human being)


Author: Milosh Khan

"White woman painted" deity of the Navajo Indians, represents maturity, cycles, femininity and tradition. She represents the whole cycle of life and has the power to present herself.


Author: Marcela A. Orellana

The atonement is the removal of guilt or sin through a third party. The guilty subject is acquitted of any punishment by means of an object, animal or other person.


Author: Ausín Sáinz

It is not credible that in today's civilized societies there is the persecution and suppression of people who have a different sexual tendency. The red color represents oppression, Putin, and the country he leads.

Red-Short LGBT from Ausín Saínz