The Videopride 2014 edition featured a selection of 11 LGBT shorts that were projected on 3
July, during the celebration of Pride Week, in Twist & Shout Bar.


Author: Blanca H. Salazar

"Bañophobia", a short film starring give Loren and directed by Blanca Salazar who tries, through humour, to make a critique of society and the concepts so deeply rooted that we have what is masculine and feminine.


Author: Kal Stänicke

A child is experiencing a real hell at school and decides that this situation must end. "Gay Göth Scene" is a mix of music video for the homonymous song of the group Hidden cameras and short film that talks about the big problem that is bullying and its consequences.

The Charter

Author: Marc Nadal

A farewell message, a misunderstanding, a breakup. A short film about the breakup of a couple.


Author: Delia Márquez

The desire is foamed, and the greatest of secrets is kissed with the pleasure of the forbidden… The expression "La petite Mort" refers to the period of refraction that occurs after sexual orgasm.


Author: Vicente Bonet

Inside the Death Star two Imperial soldiers wage their own battle.

They call ME LA MARI…

Author: Noelia Muriana

Definition of tomboy: Woman of appearance and masculine manners. Machota, puppy, macho.

They call Me la Mari de Noelia Muriana


Author: Borja Sánchez y Carolina Cárdenas

LGBT-themed documentary in which several people narrate their experience before society, the problems and circumstances that have exceeded their sexual status.


Author: Antony Hickling

Reinterpretation of the classic of the Cinema of Theodor Dreyer "The Passion of Jeanne d ' Arc", of 1927. It explores the subject of sexuality and oppression within a contemporary context.

QJ by Antony Hickling

What am I?

Author: María Alejandra Huertas Tafur

I try to show the gender dichotomy that a transsexual person can have when this process begins and how in my case, when I start very late, testosterone has done many havoc to develop the female characteristics and in the end I'm just a Transsexual Girl.

What I am Maria Alejandra Huertas


Author: Ángel Civico

"The Key" is a short film about the invisibilization that LGBT people sometimes suffer, who, by external or internal causes, are forced to hide their identity resulting in a life of deceit, lies and unhappiness that not only harms others But the individual himself.

The Key Ángel Civic